WB House adopts a resolution against the extension of the competence of BSF

Bengal became the second state after Punjab to pass a resolution against what the ruling Trinamool Congress called “the BJP’s voracious intention to take Bengal through the backdoor” by extending the jurisdiction of the Force border security 50 km from the previous 15 km to the international border.

The House passed the resolution — demanding the withdrawal of notification by the Union Home Office extending the BSF’s area of ​​operation — with the support of 121 members of Congress from Trinamool. The 63 BJP lawmakers opposed the resolution which said the notification went beyond the provisions of the BSF law and would lead to coordination problems between the state police and the BSF.

Bengal Parliamentary Affairs Minister Partha Chatterjee proposed the resolution under rule 169 of the conduct of House business. He later told media that Trinamool’s congressional government would always oppose any attempt by the Center to destroy the country’s federal principles.

He said: “In a federal structure law and order is the responsibility of the state… the police are responsible for maintaining order… any decision to change the statute requires the consent of the state government… but in this case, state governments were kept in the dark and the BSF received additional land without consulting state governments… If notification is implemented, then 11 districts and 37% of state territory will pass under the hands of the Center.

He said, however, that the TMC had nothing against the BSF which did its duty in the most patriotic manner. “We protest against the Centre’s decision to usurp power through a back door,” he said, adding, however, that the state government did not see this as a conspiracy against the state. He said “as the BJP could not take power despite a massive campaign… because they were defeated in Bengal… they are now trying to take power using the BSF which is controlled by the Center”.

The other two opposition parties Left and Congress which are not represented in the National Assembly also supported the TMC on the issue. Earlier Monday, Left Front chairman Biman Bose wrote a letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asking him to oppose New Delhi’s “anti-federal measure”. He called the Centre’s notification an act contrary to the federal structure. Pradesh Congress President Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury also opposed the notification.

The leader of the state opposition, Suvendu Adhikari, however, attacked the TMC leadership for “attacking the central paramilitary forces in the filthiest way … attacking the martyrs using the nastiest and dirtiest words” against them, ”he said.

“Some leaders even said that the BSF at the border behaved badly with women and even touched them inappropriately … I wonder if such words were deleted …” said the head of the TMC now BJP, adding that ‘he proposed an amendment aimed at extending the competence of the BSF from 50 ml to 80 ml.

“I said that the jurisdiction of the BSF should be extended to 80 km and I will appeal to the Center to seriously consider the proposal,” he said, adding that at a time when the Rohingyas were entered the state and terrorists multiplied, the BSF should be given additional power. .

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