WATCH: Calgary cop makes emotional statement on career loss after refusing jab

A 24-year-old Calgary Police Service veteran has spoken of his emotional turmoil as he faces losing his job a year before retirement for refusing a COVID-19 vaccination.

Const. Brian Denison said he made the video on September 29. He wears a CPS uniform and appears to be seated in a police vehicle.

“I have to choose between getting this miracle coup that the government is touting or maybe losing my job,” Denison said in the 10-minute video.

Like many organizations, the CPS has a mandatory vaccination policy in place. All officers had until December 1 to receive two hits.

“I couldn’t wait to retire at 25 and the easy way out for me is to retire now. But, I’ll tell you this, I’m not taking the easy way out. I’ve never done it in my life and I don’t do it now, ”Denison said.

He also called on other emergency workers to “stop kidding themselves.”

“This is the beginning of the removal of your rights. This is the start of what is going to be a long road, ”he said.

He describes vaccination programs around the world as a “joke” and points out that vaccinated people are also dying from COVID-19.

“About twenty-four years ago, I took an oath that I would uphold the law, and that’s part of what I’m doing today. I stand up and now allow myself to participate in this sham, this illegal activity that they are doing, ”Denison said.

“I sat down and cried tears about it and everything in me said ‘you’re doing the right thing’.”

He called the CPS ‘policy of forcing non-wavering officers to use all of their banking time, and then be suspended without pay, “the height of intimidation.” The ultimate slap… to frontline workers.

“This is the very beginning of seeing Canadian society demolished. The people in Canada are sheep, you feed them enough, you tell them they’re great, you tell them it will help them, they will, ”Denison said.

He described the segregation of society into two camps – the vaccinated and the unvaccinated – as similar to Hitler’s Nazi regime.

Denison issued a “call to action” to his fellow police officers to oppose vaccination policies.

The CPS provided Western Standard with a statement on the situation on Friday afternoon.

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media of a member of the Calgary Police Department in uniform expressing his opposition to our vaccination policy. This matter has been referred to our Professional Standards Section for investigation. Further, we recognize and share the disappointment of the Jewish community over the remarks made in the video, ”the statement read.

“The Service can confirm that this member is currently relieved of his duties with pay for non-compliance with the COVID-19 vaccination policy. The Service is seeking an unpaid exemption under the provisions of the Police Act of Alberta.

“The health and safety of the public and our members are essential. We are committed to ensuring that those who serve Calgarians do so in a safe manner, whether they are vaccinated or participating in the rapid test program.

“We respect the decision of our employees to be vaccinated. We value inclusiveness and collaboration in our workplace and in doing so, we offer the Rapid Screening Program to our employees who are not vaccinated, for a variety of reasons. “

In a subsequent Facebook post, Denison said he was suspended with pay on November 6. He also faces internal charges of misconduct and insubordination. He said this would likely result in his dismissal.

Dave Naylor is the editor of Western Standard
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