United States and Greece hold joint military exercises in Aegean Sea

Greece and the United States held a joint military exercise in the Aegean Sea on Tuesday amid mounting tensions with Turkey.

In the statement released by the Greek General Staff, it was stated that the two countries had organized a joint training exercise in the Aegean Sea, and the Greek Chief of Staff Konstandinos Floros and the US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt visited the United States warship USS Mount Whitney. 6th Fleet, which participated in the exercise.

In the statement, it was noted that communication and maneuver exercises were carried out as part of the PASSEX-type exercise, which also involved ships of the Greek naval forces and warplanes of the Army of look Greek.

The exercise comes a week after President Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan declared that “Greece, as a whole, has become an American military base“.

The Turkish leader was referring to the numerous military installations of the United States in Alexandroupoli in Greece (Dedeağaç).

The two neighbors, NATO allies, disagree on a number of issues such as competing claims to jurisdiction in the eastern Mediterranean, airspace, energy, the ethnically divided island of Cyprus and status of the Aegean Islands.

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