Tulsa police officer arrested over child abuse allegations

A Tulsa police officer has been arrested by the Muscogee Creek Nation on child abuse allegations, according to the Tulsa Police Department.

Michael Bell, who was hired by Tulsa police in September 2019, is charged with child abuse for an alleged incident that occurred while he was off duty in Jenks, Oklahoma.

Since Bell is Native American, the investigation falls under the jurisdiction of the Muscogee Creek Nation. As with all cases involving people of Native American descent, the federal government also has jurisdiction and may add additional charges.

The TPD said that before he was arrested, Bell was placed on administrative leave and relieved of his duties pending an investigation.

Officer charged with child abuse, latest incident involving Tulsa Police Department

Toulouse Police is already handling another incident involving an officer after a the video went viral of TPD agent Ronni Carrocia taunting and taunting a 70-year-old black woman suffering from a manic episode.

The Tulsa Carrocia police officer can be seen defiantly deploying his taser and violently shaking the locked door as Paris stood on the other side as he suffered a manic episode. Without attempting to defuse the situation, Officer Carrocia is seen laughing as Paris reacts to the violent shaking of the door.

Community leaders, like Dr. Tiffany Crutcher, have called Mayor GT Bynum and Police Chief Wendell Franklin to fire Officer Carrocia in an emailed letter.

“I am writing today to demand the immediate termination of Tulsa Police Department Officer Ronni Carrocia for his behavior during the October 2021 arrest of LaDonna Paris, a student at Phillips Theological Seminary.” said Dr. Crutcher.

Senior sources within the Tulsa Police Department said The Black Wall Street Times that after seeing the body camera footage, Officer Carrocia was placed on desk duty and has not been in the field since. It is unclear exactly how long Agent Carrocia has been on duty.

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