Trial of ex-Lauderhill police officer set for closing arguments on Thursday – Sun Sentinel

LAUDERHILL – A former Lauderhill police officer admitted on the stand Wednesday that he sometimes used a false name to identify himself on his cellphone and that he used discretion while allowing the woman at the center of the case to drive off despite the offences. offences.

Jamar Lee, the ex-officer, is accused of demanding sexual favors from Sierra Parrish in the early morning hours of February 25, 2020, after meeting her in a drive-thru lane at a Dunkin Donuts in Lauderhill around 3am trying to access Wifi. Parrish was 22 and homeless at the time and living in his car. Parrish and prosecutors claim that Lee, after discovering that the car’s registration had expired and Parrish’s driver’s license had been suspended, was willing to let her go in exchange for sexual favors.

Lee said he did not prosecute Parrish because she was only guilty of misdemeanors and was in a different jurisdiction.

Among the central issues of the case are Lee using a fake first name with Parrish, not activating his body camera when interacting with Parrish, and not telling dispatchers about their encounter. Prosecutors Justin McCormack and Lindsay Carrier told Judge Daniel Casey that these actions show Lee was trying to keep the meeting secret.

Defense attorney Johnny McCray said Parrish lied about meeting Lee because she wanted money. Parrish admitted on Tuesday that she was looking into a $300,000 civil lawsuit against Lee and Lauderhill.

Lee testified that he never made sexually suggestive comments to Parrish, never said he liked the way he looked, never turned his flashlight on his dress, and made a supportive comment while ‘she was looking for her driver’s license in the back of her car and had never guided it. hand to her crotch, everything Parrish testified to happened when she spoke on Tuesday.

Lee said he planned to allow Parrish to leave his car with his mother instead of having it towed, and that’s why they were driving with him in the lead and her following.

Prosecutors presented a series of witnesses from the Lauderhill Police Department who testified that Lee did not turn on his body camera during his interaction with Parrish and did not report his location to be dispatched during his interaction with Parrish.

When asked if he should have turned on his body camera, Lee replied that he doesn’t always use it.

“I stop and talk to people all the time,” Lee said.

Lee admitted that he sometimes uses the name “Justin” sometimes instead of his real first name when dealing with the public. He said he did it for his protection and that of his family. He said that sometimes people seek revenge against officers or their family members.

Lee, who said Parrish told him a long and sad story about having a fight with her boyfriend that night, being kicked out of her house by her mother and being in dire financial straits , also said he didn’t want to leave a young woman alone at 3 a.m., so he chose to “escort” her to a place to leave her car.

Closing arguments are scheduled for Thursday.

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