TN policewoman saves cemetery worker

A policewoman rescued a cemetery worker, who appeared unconscious, on Thursday by carrying him over his shoulder from a cemetery here, police said. Following information that a 28-year-old man, who worked in a cemetery under the jurisdiction of the TP Chattiram police station, was lying motionless in the cemetery premises, Inspector Rajeswari rushed to the scene. She picked up the man, who was lying on the wet ground, carried him over her shoulder to the street and rushed him to a nearby public hospital in an autorickshaw, police said.

The man, who appeared thin and weak, was later identified as R Udhayakumar. He worked in the cemetery. Udhayakumar had continued to stay in the cemetery premises amid heavy rains and this is believed to have affected his health. Initially, it was suspected that he was dead because he appeared to be unconscious. The female officer was assisted in her efforts by two of her colleagues.

The man is being treated at Kilpauk Government Medical College Hospital. Video of the officer lifting the man and carrying him across the street and taking him to hospital in an autorickshaw has gone viral on social media.

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