“The military, civil and residential boundaries of the Cantt areas should be redefined”

KARACHI: At a press conference at the Karachi Press Club, representatives of the Grand Alliance of Private School Associations, Sindh, said on Tuesday that the areas adjacent to the cantonments had now become civilian residential areas due to the disproportionate influx of people. Therefore, the military, civilian and residential boundaries of cantonment areas should be redefined, so that educators can continue academic activities there.

They declared that education is the basic human right guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan under Article 25-A. However, the state run schools were not created based on the rate of population growth across Pakistan. Today, thousands of parents, students and teachers suffer from uncertainty and worry about their future. In a situation where the third quarter of the current school year continues, the cessation of learning activities cannot be tolerated.

They demanded from the authorities concerned that the schools located in the cantonment areas be regularized on the basis of compulsory civic facilities. The military, civic and residential boundaries of cantonment councils should be redefined. In areas where the transfer, rental and subletting of land fall under the competence of the spatial planning authorities, the cantonment councils operate there as municipal guardians. Therefore, the notices issued for the eviction of schools in these areas should be suspended.

They said as many as 14,000 private schools are operating in Sindh, where around 3.2 million students are currently enrolled. However, the Directorate of Inspection and Registration of Private Establishments has stopped renewing registrations for private schools on condition of providing playgrounds for students. Despite this, the amenity plots were not allocated to school owners. This is why the relocation of schools from the cantonment areas is not possible.

“We all know that a playground could be built on 3 to 4,000 square meters of land, so it is not possible for schools that operate on 240 square meters plots to offer a playground for children. their students. “

Apart from a few schools, none of the private school owners are able to provide the facility of a playground, they said, adding that private schools can regularly organize extra-curricular activities. anywhere in any stadium or public playground.

They said the former education minister revised the rules for registering private schools and it was agreed that all private schools would be required to observe Sports Week in December of each year. But this deal was not approved for unknown reasons. The laws are flexible, so there is a need to revisit this section of the rules, they said.

The press conference was given by Tariq Shah of the All Private Schools Management Association, Muhammad Asif Khan of the Happy Palace Group of Schools, Zubair Ahmed of the Educational Services and Private Schools Association, Haider Ali of the All Sindh Private Schools and Colleges Associations and others.

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