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This must-read report explains how the IRPT serves to mitigate the risk of damage to the family patrimony that can result from the divorce of the founders.

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LONDON, UK, October 12, 2022 / — With International Relationship Property Trust (IRPT), the the cook islands‘ The financial services industry is strengthening its position as a key member of the international financial services community. In a special CEO analysis report, Cook Islands Finance explains how this unique new asset management tool can be used to protect marital assets from the consequences of a divorce. For wealthy families, as well as their advisors and planners, this must-read report explains how the IRPT serves to mitigate the risk of damage to family assets that can result from the divorce of the founders. In addition to being globally recognized as a jurisdiction of choice for establishing and maintaining international trusts, other products provided by licensed trust companies in the Cook Islands are international and limited liability companies, foundations, international partnerships and captive insurance services.

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Cook Islands Finance: premium financial services provider
The Cook Islands are -10 GMT, 6 hours behind New York and 18 hours behind Hong Kong/Singapore, which puts them in an ideal location to do business every working day with customers from the east and from West. The Cook Islands is a self-governing nation with its own written constitution. It is a sovereign state but in free association with New Zealand.

The Cook Islands legal system is based on English common law. There is a hierarchy of courts comprising a High Court and a Court of Appeal, with the ultimate court of appeal being the Privy Council in London sitting in chief of the Cook Islands. The judges of the Cook Islands High Court and Court of Appeal are experienced New Zealand judges who guarantee independence. They apply Cook Islands law and have jurisdiction over all criminal and civil matters.

The Cook Islands Financial Services Development Authority, trading as Cook Islands Finance, is a statutory body established under the Financial Services Development Act 2009. The main objective of Cook Islands Finance is to develop and promote the Cook Islands financial services sector.

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