Santa Barbara will receive an update on the Civilian Police Review Board

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — A proposed civilian police review board in Santa Barbara will be discussed by city leaders on Tuesday. This commission will be developed from another group as part of the first stage of the process.

The Council established the Community Training Commission (CFC) to guide the creation of a civilian police examination system.

The CFC is looking at how other commissions have been formed and what guidelines they have to address community concerns.

Police service standards and protocols will eventually be reviewed. The process should involve many community meetings and sensitization activities.

The civilian oversight committee is expected to be in place in March 2022.

The formation of this commission is, in part, the result of community rallies last year calling for changes in the police service. Thousands of people demonstrated in the streets and at police headquarters. Some carried signs saying “defund the police” or “abolish the police”.

Former police chief Lori Luhnow retired in February and the city is expected to announce a replacement within the next two months, although that timeline is not firm. The acting town leader is Barney Melekian.

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