Russian official tells Putin’s military chief to ‘shoot himself in the head’

Kirill Stremousov, a Russian official appointed to Ukraine, berated Moscow’s military generals and suggested his defense minister “kill himself”. Stremousov, who serves in Kherson, annexed by Russia, posted a 4-minute video of his callous criticism of Moscow’s war effort on the Telegram messaging platform on October 6. He blamed military casualties in his jurisdiction on “incompetent commanders” who were not held accountable for their mistakes. He, however, praised the soldiers for fighting to the death, pitting their sacrifice against “incompetent military leaders” in Moscow. The deputy head of Kherson made the comments two days after Russian Defense Ministry maps showed setbacks in the southern region of Ukraine amid the Ukrainian counteroffensive. While pro-Russian leaders and observers have blamed the string of losses on the Russian military, such public and insulting criticism of members of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle within the system is exceedingly rare. Will this public rebuke open the floodgates of criticism against the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin? Are Russian generals to blame for battlefield casualties? Watch for details. #RussiaUkraine #KirillStremousov #Russian Defense Minister

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