RO Military Prosecutor’s Office to Investigate Russian Crimes Against Humanity in Ukraine

The Prosecutor’s Office at the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania has opened an ex officio investigation into crimes against humanity, possibly involving Romanian citizens, which were committed following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

“According to existing public information, the military attack is widespread and systematic, being directed against both military and civilian targets, resulting in the bombardment of schools, hospitals, shopping malls, directly affecting the civilian population in Ukraine “, adds a quoted press release. by Digi24. The Russian attacks killed civilians, including children, prosecutors say.

Millions of civilians left Ukraine following the Russian attack and the resulting psychological trauma. The survey will look at the impact of the war on Ukrainians who also have Romanian nationality. Competence for such an investigation lies with the Military Prosecutor’s Office.

Romanian criminal law also applies to crimes committed outside the territory of the country by a foreign citizen against a Romanian citizen. Jurisdiction is exercised by the Romanian criminal investigation bodies.

According to Romanian law, it is a crime against humanity to commit, during a widespread or systematic attack, launched against a civilian population, one of the following acts: the murder of persons; harm to the physical or mental integrity of certain people; deportation or forced transfer of persons; torturing people; rape or sexual assault; deprivation of liberty; acts that cause great suffering.

Romanian prosecutors will ask Ukrainian magistrates for information on the investigations opened there. There are more than 20,000 war crimes investigations in Ukraine, coordinated by the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office.

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(Photo credit: Octav Ganea/Inquam Photos)

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