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A motorcade of officers from the Metropolitan Police Department left GW Hospital on Tuesday, believed to be carrying the body of a Pentagon police officer who was killed in a shooting near a bus platform earlier in the morning .

Update: Aug 4, 2021 at 5:11 p.m.

A Pentagon police officer was taken to GW Hospital after being fatally stabbed in a violent incident outside the Pentagon building on Tuesday, according to local and national the news.

Pentagon Force Protection Agency chief Woodrow Kusse told a press conference conference that a suspect attacked the officer on the Pentagon’s Metrobus platform around 10:37 am, one of the “multiple victims” in the incident. The agency confirmed in a tweet Wednesday that Officer George Gonzalez died in the attack.

Kusse declined to comment on the officer’s condition at Tuesday’s press conference, but national and local media reported that the officer died of his injuries at GW Hospital before agents from the US Secret Service, US Parks Police, and the Metropolitan Police Department transported his body from the facility in a black van during a procession.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Washington Field Office tweeted On Wednesday, Gonzalez was fatally stabbed by Austin William Lanz – a 27-year-old from Acworth, Ga. – who later shot down with Gonzalez’s service weapon, dying at the scene. Another civilian at the scene was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to the FBI.

A spokesperson for the MPD declined to comment on the incident, saying the matter fell outside the department’s jurisdiction. A spokesperson for the PFPA also declined to comment on the officer’s condition.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that the suspect was shot dead by the police “during an explosion of violence”. The PA report states that “officials who were not authorized to discuss the case” confirmed the death of the officer and the suspect.

The Pentagon was put under lockdown shortly after 10:30 a.m. after shots were fired near the Metrobus platform outside the facility, according to AP, and the University issued a GW advisory around 11:21 a.m., announce police activity near the Pentagon metro station.

“Police activity at the Pentagon metro station,” reads the notice. “Avoid the area. GW campuses are not directly impacted. Report any suspicious activity to GWPD.

Authorities sent a second notice shortly before 1 p.m. with a notification of police activity near GW Hospital.

“Increased police presence near the GW hospital,” said the notice. “23rd St NW closed from Washington Circle to G St. No connection or threat to campus.”

The PA reported that the suspect was shot dead by the police at the scene.

Containment at the Pentagon has been survey around 12:13 p.m., according to a tweet from PFPA. Kusse said the Pentagon building and its reservation were “safe and secure” without an active search for the suspect.

Editor’s Note:
This post has been updated to reflect that the Pentagon and the FBI have confirmed the deaths of Officer George Gonzalez and Austin William Lanz, which was released after the date of posting.


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