Pontoon Beach police officer dies after being shot at gas station | Law and order

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Edwardsville Police Chief Michael Fillback said some of his officers and other officers in the Metro East are now replacing the officers at Pontoon Beach on patrol because their officers were so shaken up by the shooting.

Timmins joined Pontoon Beach Police in April 2020, the Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Elbert Jennings. He was a police officer in Madison County for 14 years and had previously been a police officer in Roxana, Worden and Hartford.

Worden Police Chief Joe D. Berry said Timmins started as an officer there in 2015 and was then promoted to Chief Constable in September 2016. Timmins served as Chief in Worden, a village near 1,000 residents, for about 11 months, Berry said. .

Berry came to Saint-Louis on Tuesday to be part of the police escort to the morgue.

“It was a dark day,” Berry said. “But I considered it an honor. You do your best to get it where it needs to be.

As is the tradition in some departments, Berry said a team of police will stand guard over Timmins around the clock until his body is returned to Illinois for funeral.

Worden Mayor Preston Hall said he chose Timmins as chief in 2016, with the consent of the village board, in part because Timmins “has always conducted himself professionally and was great with the residents “.

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