Police officer sentenced to prison for the death of Ahin Öner

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Sahin Öner, 19, was hit by an armored vehicle in the predominantly Kurdish-Kurdish province of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey eight years ago. The court issued its decision in the trial on his death today (23 November).

In the trial which started 5 years later, the 1st High Criminal Court of Diyarbakır ruled that the SK policeman should be sentenced to 4 years, 5 months and 10 days in prison for “causing death by negligence”.

Why did the trial start five years later?

The first trial hearing was held on June 29, 2017 before the 7th Diyarbakır Magistrates’ Court of First Instance. The only suspect, Police Officer SK, did not attend the hearing.

Approving the request of the lawyers of the Öner family, the court ruled that it was a “voluntary murder” rather than a “reckless murder” and transmitted the file to the court of assizes.

The Institute of Forensic Medicine released a report on November 12, 2014 and confirmed that the incident could not be considered a simple traffic accident. Yet the Diyarbakır 1st Assize Court, later ruling on the incompetence over the case, ruled that the incident was an accident and referred the case to the Antep Regional Court of Justice for the jurisdiction conflict between courts be resolved.

Speaking to bianet, Öner’s family lawyer Abdullah Zeytun said: “the court ruled on the non-jurisdiction on the basis of abstract evidence aimed at justifying the accused”, and added ” the [court] committee rendering this verdict when there is so much evidence must be recorded in history.

The Antep Regional Court of Justice considering the case upheld the decision of the first district court that Öner’s death was “not an accident but a deliberate murder” and referred the case to the 1st Diyarbakır Assize Court, which ruled that the verdict of non-jurisdiction should be quashed.

The Diyarbakır First Assize Court ruled that the first hearing would be held on February 15, 2018 and that a notification would be sent to the Diyarbakır Security Directorate to arrange for the suspect to appear in court at the first hearing.

What happened?

Police intervened during the demonstration in Şehitlik neighborhood in Yenişehir district in Diyarbakır on February 10, 2013. 19-year-old high school student Şahin Öner lost his life.

The governorate of Diyarbakır declared that “he lost his life when an attempt was made to take the explosive from his hands”. However, according to the preliminary autopsy report, ner “died of a crash in an accident”.

Lawyer Serdar Çelebi, vice president of the Diyarbakır branch of the Human Rights Association (Ä°HD), told bianet that they had reviewed Öner’s autopsy report and that no evidence explosives could not be found in the report contrary to the governor’s allegation.

Two eyewitnesses also testified that Öner died in an armored vehicle by crashing it.

In addition, İHD Diyarbakır branch said that despite fatal injuries, Öner was taken to the garden of a police station rather than to a hospital and then taken to hospital after being kept there. for half an hour.

However, the Office of the Chief Prosecutor authorized by Article 10 of the Anti-Terrorism Law issued a verdict of non-jurisdiction for the police driver of the vehicle for the offense of “reckless homicide” and sent it to the office. of the prosecutor. At the end of a four-year investigation, the case was opened with this offense.

The first hearing of the trial was held on June 29, 2017. Approving the request of the lawyers of the Öner family, the 7th Criminal Court of First Instance of Diyarbakır ruled that it was “intentional homicide” and a referred the case to the heavy criminal court.

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