Ontario Civilian Police Commission confirms dismissal of Durham police officer

Ontario Civilian Police Board approves dismissal of Durham police officer after a number of alleged incidents.

Agent Ian Cameron was dismissed from his post in January 2020 and appealed unsuccessfully.

He had previously been convicted of two counts of misconduct.

In September 2015, Cameron reportedly answered a call at someone’s house while he was visibly under the influence of alcohol. He took a breathalyzer, breathed over 80 years and was quickly arrested.

Years earlier, in 2009, Cameron allegedly threatened another officer with a gun. The court found that he had placed the cannon in the abdomen of the other officer, under his protective vest.

He pleaded guilty to the firearm incident and received an absolute discharge. This ultimately earned him a two-year demotion from first class to second class constable. During this period, the 2015 incident occurred.

Cameron was also found guilty of insubordination. In August 2015, he allegedly texted a sergeant, accusing him of being part of a plot to spy on him (comparing him to the East German Stasi). The court heard that in another text he said he wanted to fight with an inspector.

In its decision of September 17, the commission supported the dismissal of Cameron.

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