Off-duty police officer DeWitt charged with three crimes

An off-duty DeWitt police officer who tracked a man delivering newspapers through his neighborhood now faces felony charges, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Friday.

On January 14 at around 7 a.m., Chad Vorce drew his firearm twice while off duty and outside his jurisdiction. The off-duty officer approached a pickup truck he described as driving erratically through his neighborhood, Nessel said. The van was driven by a black man who delivered newspapers.

Nessel said Vorce followed the van out of the neighborhood, which is west of Airport Road, about a mile north of I-69. The first time he drew his weapon was on Airport Road, then a second time in the parking lot of a gas station where the man finally stopped.

DeWitt Police and Michigan State Police officers arrived at the gas station scene.

Nessel’s office was asked to review the case in January. After a thorough review, Vorce is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon (felony assault), a felony punishable by up to four years in prison and/or $2,000; firearms – firearm felony, a felony punishable by two consecutive years with and preceding any term of imprisonment imposed for the felony or attempted felony conviction; and professional misconduct, a felony punishable by five years in prison and/or $10,000. Vorce was arraigned Thursday in Clinton County District Court 65A.

“Our assessment of this incident showed dangerous behavior on the part of Mr. Vorce,” Nessel said. “Those who swear to protect and serve must do so responsibly. We will not hesitate to hold accountable those who violate this oath.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 28 at 2 p.m. before Judge Michael E. Clarizio in District Court 65A.

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