News Wrap: Military-Age Men Fleeing Russia Over Calls, Putin Grants Snowden Citizenship

Judy Woodruff:

Officials said the shooter graduated from the school, but his motive is not yet known.

Iran today attacked Kurdish separatists in northern Iraq and accused them of fomenting protests across Iran. According to reports, the Revolutionary Guards struck the Kurds with drones and artillery for the second time since the weekend. Protests in Iran began after the death of a young Kurdish woman in police custody.

A 90-year-old Roman Catholic cardinal is currently on trial in Hong Kong over anti-government protests in 2019. Retired Cardinal Joseph Zen appeared in court today with a cane. He and five other people are accused of failing to register a relief fund that helped protesters.

Cuban voters have approved a law allowing same-sex couples to marry and adopt children. It will also enable broader rights for grandparents and protections for the elderly. The communist government’s support for the measure overcame opposition from a growing evangelical movement.

Back in that country, Pfizer is asking the FDA to clear its updated COVID booster shots for children ages 5 to 11. It targets both the original virus and the Omicron variants. The FDA has already approved the new boosters for adults and older children.

And on Wall Street, stocks fell again, as fears of recession gnawed at investors. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 329 points to close at 29260. It is now officially in a bear market, down 20% from its record close in January. The Nasdaq lost 65 points. The S&P 500 fell 38.

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