Military family’s U-Haul stolen from Tumwater and dumped near Yelm

Cayli Yanagida / The Olympian

A couple reported a stolen U-Haul to Tumwater Police on Wednesday morning after finding the missing vehicle in the parking lot of the hotel they had been staying at.

The Klingensmiths were traveling from the California Bay Area to Port Angeles where husband Josh Klingensmith was stationed for the US Coast Guard. They had driven 12 hours and drove to Tumwater before stopping at a hotel.

Around 8 a.m. Wednesday, Josh’s wife, Tanis Klingensmith, said she came out of the hotel to find their U-Haul missing.

Tanis said Thurston County authorities received a report of an abandoned U-Haul and recovered it, but virtually none of Klingensmith’s belongings were left inside. The U-Haul’s ignition had been damaged, so it was towed to them.

Tumwater Police Department Lt. Jen Kolb said the U-Haul was recovered around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday by Thurston County deputies, but the motorcycle that was inside the U-Haul was not found. has not been found.

Klingensmith said they have tenant insurance, but she’s not sure how much will be covered. She also said that because the U-Haul was stolen in Tumwater and found near Yelm, jurisdictional issues unfortunately prevented her from learning more about who stole the vehicle.

Klingensmith said they had all their belongings in the U-Haul and were told by Tumwater Police that such thefts were common in the area, particularly around the hotel they were staying at.

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