Martinsville man acquitted of attempting to kill police officer

A Martinsville man was found not guilty and acquitted in Henry County Circuit Court on Thursday for the attempted capital murder of a Henry County Sheriff’s Deputy.

In April 2021, 52-year-old Derrick Devon Martin robbed a Henry County ambulance and led police on a 45-minute chase before being grabbed by a dog in a field on County Line Road, a statement said. release from the Patrick County Sheriff’s Office.

In addition to the attempted capital murder charge, Martin was also charged with assault and battery against a law enforcement officer and a member of a rescue team, grand theft of a motor vehicle, of criminal destruction of property, carjacking, destruction of property and evading police at top speeds. over 20 mph.

At the end of the trial, the jury found Martin not guilty and acquitted him of the charge of attempted capital murder and carjacking, dismissed the two charges of assault and battery against a law enforcement officer order and a member of the rescue team, and found him guilty of escaping from the police. , grand theft and both property damage charges.

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The 2021 incident began when Henry County deputies attempted to arrest Martin in connection with a stolen truck, the statement said. According to police, Martin became combative and resisted arrest. After being apprehended, he became unresponsive and appeared to have a medical emergency.

Deputies administered Narcan and Martin was loaded into a Henry County ambulance, the statement said.

For the next 45 minutes, Henry County deputies and Virginia State Police pursued Martin, who was driving the ambulance, throughout northwest Henry County along Fairystone Park Highway, Stones Dairy Road, Orchard Drive and finally onto County Line Road.

Patrick County deputies resumed the hunt when Martin entered their jurisdiction and after police cars and the ambulance swapped paint a few times, Patrick County Sheriff Dan Smith said. , one of Patrick’s deputies managed to get Martin off the road near the 3500 block of County Line Road.

Smith said Martin continued through a field for some time before jumping out of the ambulance and attempting to flee into the woods.

Patrick County deputies issued a K9 and Martin was apprehended and taken to Sovah Hospital in Martinsville, where police say he was treated for minor injuries, released and imprisoned in the county jail. Henry County.

Other Recent Court and Arrest Cases

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Martinsville Bulletin reports arrest reports in Martinsville, Henry, and Patrick counties, excluding some juvenile cases and non-DUI traffic citations. Claims in civil matters can be declared, except in the case of police custody. The log does not omit any names that might be included. This information is compiled from documents provided by law enforcement agencies in each jurisdiction.

Henry County Circuit Court

Troy Renard Dodson, Martinsville, Oct. 31: Two counts of distributing cocaine have been dismissed.

Sampson Carlos Dodson, Martinsville, Nov. 2: Sentenced to 20 years with 12 years suspended and $1,755 in fines and costs for possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, an amended charge of possession of a firearm by a criminal. A charge of possession of a firearm by a violent criminal was dismissed.

Christopher Nathaniel Harr, Bassett, Nov. 2: Sentenced to five years and 10 days with four years and nine months suspended for grand larceny of a motor vehicle, a charge amended from non-appearance.

Corion D. Manns, Henry, Nov. 2: Sentenced to six months and 20 days suspended for three months and $1,357.12 in fines and costs for assault and battery and two counts of failure to appear.

Torshazo Daquan Williamson, Charlotte, North Carolina, November 2: Sentenced to 20 years with 19 years and nine months suspended and $4,088 in fines, restitution and costs for two amended charges of distributing accommodation a scheduled I/II controlled substance.

Eric Lee Baliles, Stuart, Nov. 2: Sentenced to five years suspended for four years for evading police.

Robert Tilghman Coles, Martinsville, Nov. 2: Sentenced to 12 months suspended sentence and $270 in costs for obtaining money under false pretences. The charges of forgery, forged checks and theft of checks were dismissed.

Martinsville Circuit Court

De’arlejay Phillip Hodge, Martinsville Nov. 1: Sentenced to 26 years and six months with 25 years and one month suspended and $2,885 in fines and costs for DWI third or subsequent offense, evade or ignore police, driving with a revoked or suspended license, possession of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Henry County Sheriff’s Office Arrests

Robert Alan Wells, 38, October 28: Violation of probation.

Jadyn Smith, 19, Oct. 28: Simple assault.

Michael Devon Penn, 47, October 28: drunk in public.

Leonard George Tucker, 47, November 2: contempt of court.

Kayla Nicole Pasquariello, 28, November 3: Shoplifting.

Triston O’Bryan Dodson, 24, Nov. 3: Public drunk, possession of drugs.

Eric Lee Hawkins Jr., 30, Nov. 3: Public drunk, possession of drugs.

Martinsville Sheriff’s Office Arrests

Diana Gene Hawks, October 24: Two counts of probation violation.

Demetrius Antonio Hunt, October 24: Intrusion.

Markirian Mekhi Penn, October 24: three counts of non-appearance.

Demarcell Leigh Houp, Oct. 24: Three counts of probation violation.

Shantel Marie Hairston, October 25: Intoxication in public.

Christina Kaur Singh, October 25: Possession of schedule I/II drugs, possession of a firearm in possession of drugs.

Ezequiel Hernandez Gutierrez, October 25: Malevolent aggression.

Buford Leander Preston, October 25: Fugitive.

Michael Rufus Seay, October 26: Unauthorized use of an animal.

B. Lair Nicole Martin, October 27: Intrusion.

Bryan Matthew Short, October 27: Violation of probation.

Jeremy O’Brien Huffman, October 27: Intoxication in public.

Stephen Allen Workman, October 28: Failure to appear.

Richard Lemons, October 29: Failure to appear.

Joseph Lamount Ott, October 30: Assault and bodily harm to a family member.

Arrests from the Patrick County Sheriff’s Office

Carolyn Sue Vernon, 40, Stuart, Oct. 26: Two counts of child abuse/neglect.

Chester Dwayne Vernon, 59, Stuart, Oct. 26: Two counts of child abuse/neglect.

Jessica Conner Ratliff, 38, Patrick Springs, Oct. 27: Failing to comply with a court order.

George Kevin Rucker, 39, address not available, Oct. 27: Violation of probation.

Jordan Anthony Capps, 21, Spencer, Oct. 28: first offense impaired, reckless driving.

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