Lateral Police Officer and New Police Officer Job – Dayton Police Department




This is a skilled and responsible position involving the protection of life and property through the enforcement of city ordinances and federal, state, and local laws. A person in this class is responsible for maintaining public order, protecting life and property, and performing other police-related activities, including patrolling, investigating, and preventing crime. crime. This position is moderately supervised by the Chief of Police, Lieutenant of Police and/or Sergeant.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS – Physically apprehend criminals by mechanical or non-mechanical means; maintain and safely use law enforcement equipment necessary in the performance of their duties, including but not limited to: firearms, radar, breathalyzers, pepper spray and scene investigation kits felony; work in bad weather and at various times of the day; communicate accurately with other officers, city employees, officials, government agencies, the media, and the general public regarding accidents, crimes, and the law and ordinances related to accidents, crimes, and mishaps emergency response.

JOB DUTIES – Must function as a current POPS Certified Police Officer for the City of Dayton and maintain the physical fitness necessary to safely mitigate imminent danger or peril associated with hazardous law enforcement duties. Patrol the city on foot, cruiser car or motorbike/bicycle (as directed by superiors) often in bad weather and at various times of the day; enforces federal, state, and local laws and ordinances; responds to emergency calls and takes appropriate action; maintain and use firearms safely in the performance of their law enforcement duties; prevents, discovers and issues citations for traffic violations; testifies in court if necessary; serves legal documents for the court; controls traffic at school crossings, accidents, fires and parades; secures the scene of crimes and accidents, conducts preliminary investigations, collects evidence, interviews witnesses; performs building security checks; report faulty street and traffic lights, street hazards, code violations and other safety issues; assistance in emergency situations, including the administration of first aid; completes and submits reports detailing the facts of crimes, accidents, emergency response situations and other situations or events responded to during the shift; provides security and funeral escorts when needed; uses detection equipment such as breathalyzers and radars in law enforcement duties; serves as the police department‘s representative for school and community public education programs. Reports zoning ordinance and city code violations to a civil citation officer in accordance with the Citizens Complaint and Investigation System. Must (if required) drive an emergency vehicle under conditions that put the employee at increased risk of accident and injury.

DESIRABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE – High school diploma or equivalent, supplemented by some professional law enforcement experience.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES – Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other officers, city employees, officials, media, government agencies and the general public; knowledge of the geography of the jurisdiction; considerable knowledge of federal, state and local laws and ordinances; ability to analyze situations and act quickly and effectively; basic knowledge of police methods, practices and procedures with the ability to apply appropriate knowledge or procedures to a specific situation; basic knowledge of proper procedures for gathering evidence; basic knowledge of the use of departmental equipment, including the safe care and use of firearms, radar, breathalyzers, pepper spray and criminal investigation kits; intermediate knowledge in first aid; ability to operate a motor vehicle at high speed, in bad weather and in other dangerous situations; ability to communicate effectively to include accurate preparation of reports.

Hazardous Service Pension ConsiderationsThis position meets the qualifications for hazardous duty pension classification under KRS 61.592(1)(b) as follows:

This position meets the definition of police officer found in KRS 61.315(1)

· This position requires having the professional standards and certification of peace officers.

· This position requires the carrying of a firearm.

This position faces a high degree of danger or peril through the use of force necessary to effect an arrest or through threats made against the authority the badge represents

· This position is exposed to infectious diseases or blood-borne pathogens due to working in close physical contact with the general public.

· This position requires a high degree of physical fitness in order to make an arrest, apprehend suspects and handle the physical and mental stress associated with the duties of this position.

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS – Possession or ability to obtain a valid vehicle driver’s license; must have taken or be eligible to take the Department of Criminal Justice Training Basic Training Course. This must include forty (40) hours of annual training as well as subsequent training mandated by the DOCJT.

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS – A person of this class must meet the requirements of all applicable Kentucky Revised Laws and local ordinances, with respect to a person of this classification.

The foregoing is intended to describe the general content and requirements for the exercise of this position. It should not be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, requirements or responsibilities.

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