Lagos PRO police dress up as civilians; Police officers at checkpoints ask him “something”

Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer Benjamin Hundeyin conducted a social experiment by dressing up as a civilian and driving around 11:50 p.m. through police checkpoints.

Hundeyin said he went through the first and second checkpoints, adding that his “papers weren’t even asked for”.

Hundeyin attempted to emphasize how to behave with police officers on the road in a polite manner, saying, “Respect is mutual,” adding that people should not be unnecessarily aggressive as he was overtaken at a checkpoint after having smiled.

Hundeyin shared his experience on the road with police via his verified Twitter handle on Thursday evening, where he revealed that officers asked him to give them “something”.

He tweeted: “Finally realized my social experiment. I drove around Ikeja around 11:50 p.m., as a mufti, in a private car. I went through two police stations. I spent five seconds on the first floor without a word from the policeman. He simply motioned for me to continue.

“I spent thirty seconds to the second. Officer: Are you Uber? Me no. It’s my personal car. Officer: Find me something na. Me: I don’t understand anything. Officer: See how well you are. Find me something na. Me: (pause). Officer: Oya, go ahead.

“On both occasions, as soon as I was flagged down, I turned on the cabin light and rolled down the window on my side. I greeted first. On top of that, in the second scenario, I smiled and deliberately looked friendly.

“Note: They didn’t recognize me; I didn’t identify myself either. It never came to that. The papers were not even requested. I’m sure there are plenty of people with similar experiences out there. Different shots for different people, I know. One thing is certain though.

“Respect is mutual. Appreciate those who are there all day and all night for less pay. Don’t be condescending. Don’t be unnecessarily aggressive. Also don’t be docile. Always be firm with your rights. And don’t try to do yourself justice.

“There is no utopia anywhere. Report the few rotten eggs and we will continue to do the internal cleaning. Thought to share my social experience. I’ll tinker with the variables next time.

He added, however, that this was not to invalidate or trivialize the bad experiences of some motorists and commuters. “Absolutely not,” he stressed.

Reacting to him, popular ENDSARS activist Rinu Oduala said that Hundeyin was trying to show that police harassment did not exist, saying it was because the PPRO had never experienced police brutality from his life.

“You are not a youngster struggling to make a living in Nigeria. You are a police PRO who has never known brutality in his life but needs to show that police harassment does not exist.

“This planned PR is failing, Oga Hundeyin. Go and re-strategize,” she replied in a tweet.

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