Kogi Bank Robbery: Gunmen Kill Civilians, Police in Deadly First Bank Attack


Wia dis foto comes from, Fisayo Soyombo

At least eight police officers do not die and odas are injured as armed thieves attack the First Bank in the town of Isanlu on Thursday, for the local government area of ​​Yagba East, in Kogi state in Nigeria.

According to reports, armed thieves broke into the bank with dynamites and Ak47s at around 4 p.m. local time.

Pipo watches how the thieves say they spend more than two hours making their first attack on the police station in front of the local headquarters before going to the bank to be the only commercial bank in town.

According to William Ovye Aya, Kogi State Police will die, three of these women. They say that they injure their hospital to be treated there.

Aya adds that the state police commissioner is not deploying a team of officers to investigate di mata and catch everyone who enters.

Di team wey dem send include, special anti-theft squad, mobile police force, counterterrorism unit, tactical and operational officers.

As well as saying that the team is tasked with combing through the area and finding those we have for bank robbery, they will also reassure the residents of the area that they will be safe.

Di Police Command is also asking members of the di public of epp police to investigate dia by reporting to dem any suspicious movement or personage for the dia area.

There is no first time thieves have attacked the bank in this way.

As of April 2018, armed robbers kill at least 17 pipo wen dem attacking some banks in Offa, Kwara state.


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