State Police are investigating the murder of a man who allegedly pointed a gun at a Jonesboro police officer working in Helena-West Helena on Thursday as part of a multi-agency investigation.

The man was reported in stable condition.

The state police publish:

A police officer who was part of a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement task force injured a Phillips County man who was seen walking along Walnut Street in Helena carrying a rifle yesterday.
Travon Brewer, 18, was injured by gunfire from the officer when Brewer allegedly lifted the rifle at his side and pointed the gun at police.
At 12:45 p.m., while actively searching for a wanted fugitive, task force officers at 1508 Cherry Street heard gunshots coming from a nearby neighborhood. Two of the team, both Jonesboro police officers, separated from the officers at the Cherry Street address to search for the source of the shots.
When the officers encountered Brewer, repeated orders were given to Brewer to drop the rifle. Apparently Brewer ignored orders and raised the rifle in the direction of the officers, causing one of the Jonesboro officers to fire his service weapon at Brewer who then ran towards a residence, collapsing outside the 318 Monroe Street. The two officers approached Brewer and began to provide lifesaving measures until an ambulance arrived, eventually transporting him to a hospital in Memphis. Brewer is said to be in stable medical condition.
Authorities have asked Arkansas State Police to investigate the shooting. Criminal Investigative Special Agents will prepare a case for the Phillips County District Attorney to determine whether a law enforcement officer‘s use of deadly force complied with state law.

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