Iran denies death of military adviser in Yemen

Cuba’s drug regulator on Friday granted emergency approval for its local Soberana 2 vaccine, allowing the drug to be fully included in the country’s inoculation program as it works to curb a coronavirus outbreak fueled by the Delta variant.

The Soberana vaccine, which Cuba says has an efficacy rate of 91.2, has already been used to immunize some health workers and ordinary citizens in areas with high transmission rates in early intervention studies. .

The Soberana 2 vaccine was approved last month for emergency use in Iran, which has reached a deal with Cuba to produce the drug on an industrial scale in the Islamic Republic, where vaccination against Covid is behind schedule with only around five. percent fully vaccinated.

The approval from the Center for State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices means the drug, consisting of two initial injections and a booster, can be included in the national immunization program and could also help license the drug. ‘foreigner.

The Cuban health system has been overwhelmed by the recent COVID-19 outbreak, struggling with a lack of oxygen, medicine, doctors and equipment. Only a quarter of the population of around 11 million has been fully immunized. Iran’s move came after the Cuban vaccine has not been internationally approved.

The country currently has one of the highest rates of officially confirmed cases and death per capita in the world, although it has managed to keep both lows for much of last year.

The actual numbers are likely even higher, according to reports from various provinces, with the latest outbreak having exceeded its testing capacity.

Report by Reuters

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