Glory Okolie: Limited jurisdiction court ordered dismissal of motorcyclist who denounced Owerri police officers, activist says

A court of limited jurisdiction ordered the pre-trial detention of Izuchukwu Okeke, a motorcyclist who revealed the whereabouts of Glory Okolie, a 21-year-old woman enslaved by agents of the Inspector General of the UN response team. police intelligence (IRT) in their office for several weeks.

Police arrested Okolie for allegedly being friends with an alleged member of the Outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

She was then transferred to Abuja, despite efforts by members of her family to secure her release.

After 66 days in detention, police, in a statement released on Sunday, said she was arrested for alleged IPOB membership and for collaborating with one Benjamin Uzoma Emojiri to attack officers and posts in Imo.

His detention sparked a public outcry as many Nigerians, including civil society organizations, demanded his release.

According to SaharaReporters, Okeke was then arrested again at his home for revealing the whereabouts of the 21-year-old.

He was then arrested and his motorcycle seized by the police.

A source told SaharaReporters that Okeke was locked up in Keffi prison in Nasarawa state, on the orders of a regional CTF court, despite an act that removed the court’s power to adjudicate and rule. hear criminal proceedings in this regard.

He would be remanded in custody without formal charges or a first information report issued in this regard.

The source said: “The innocent cyclist’s name is Izuchukwu Okeke. He is the Okada man who exposed the viral case of Glory Okolie’s whereabouts and his illegal detention at the Tiger Base Unit of the IRT IGP Unit in Imo State.

“Due to the above, he was detained by IGP’s IRT unit in Owerri and Abuja cells for more than 60 days in total. Information reached Harrison Gwamnishu of the Behind Bars Human Rights organization that Okeke was remanded in Keffi Prison on September 9, 2021 in Nasarawa State without a formal charge or a first indictment report. in this regard.

“Said Nyanya District Court judge in fact remanded Izuchukwu Okeke in Keffi Prison in Nasarawa State. FCT District Court Judge Nyanya in fact dismissed Izuchukwu Okeke citing Articles 293, 297, 24 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 and the provisions of that law, only in binding terms, provide for the procedure for the detention of the suspect / accused. and those affected by legally binding removal orders from the district court, nothing more.

“In addition, the FCT Zone Courts Repeal and Amendment Act 2010, Article 10 and other sections, expressly removed the FCT Zone Court’s power to determine and hear criminal proceedings.” in this regard, which is in line with the ruling of the CTF high court. judgment in Barr Arugom Ifeanyi against Grand Khadi Regional Court, Cr of FCT Regional Court, and others, including FCT High Court judgment by Coram, Judge B Belgore, nullified all powers of FCT Regional Court to hear criminal proceedings.

“Ihensekhien Samuel Jnr Esq accompanied by an associate, yesterday being September 13, 2021, visited Keffi prisons in Nasarawa State to confirm and verify all the above allegations, only to confirm that they were true and correct because Izuchukwu Okeke mentioned above was remanded in custody. by the judge of the regional court of Fct Mpape sitting in Nyanya, FCT, without any charges or criminal proceedings in this regard.

“This is one illegality too much on the part of the legal unit and the formation of the IRT IGP unit and we urge all human rights lawyers, CSOs and human rights organizations to man to join in and speak out in this masquerade criminal trial of Izuchukwu Okeke. “

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