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July 27, 2022 — The Senate introduced a bill in the House on Wednesday that will subsidize US-made semiconductor chips.

In a 64-33 vote, the Senate pushed forward the CHIPS and Science Act, which allocates $52 billion to encourage domestic semiconductor manufacturing.

“As Americans worry about the state of the economy and the cost of living, the CHIPS bill is an answer: it will accelerate semiconductor manufacturing in America, driving down the prices of everything, from cars to dishwashers,” President Joe Biden said. said in a press release.

During a virtual meeting on Monday, Biden said that due to the widespread use of semiconductor chips in many products such as cell phones, cars, medical equipment and military equipment, the “shortage chips during the coronavirus pandemic has caused price spikes and supply chain issues across multiple industries,” the Post reported.

The national chip shortage has been seen by experts and government officials as a risk to the economy and national security, as supply chain issues during the pandemic have laid bare America’s dependence on the production of foreign chips. The bill presents a response to China’s rise as a dominant force in this sector.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said America’s share of the global chip-making market fell from 40 to 12 percent, with most semiconductor manufacturing taking place in Taiwan.

Louisiana announced the first round of GUMBO program awards

Louisiana on Monday announced its first round of awards under its Granting Unserved Municipalities Broadband Opportunities program on Monday, which includes about $9 million for AT&T fiber construction in 9,800 homes, businesses and farms in parts of 13 parishes. .

An AT&T Press release estimates the total cost of the project will be nearly $19 million, with the vendor matching the GUMBO grant. Construction of the project is expected to begin once the final agreement is reached between the state and AT&T.

In total, Louisiana on Monday announced $130 million in grants — $225 million in total project investments — to win applications for GUMBO funds, which will be used to connect more than 66,000 sites. Other winners include Cox Communications, Conexon Connect and Charter Communications.

The ultimate goal of the program is to help connect the entire state by 2029.

Brightspeed Announces Construction of Wisconsin Fiber

Internet service provider Brightspeed announced Wednesday plans to build a fiber optic network in the state of Wisconsin.

According to a Press releasein its first phase of construction, Brightspeed’s fiber network is estimated to bring reliable Internet and Wi-Fi to more than 70,000 potential customers in 15 counties across Wisconsin by the end of 2023. These counties include Ashland, Bayfield , Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Douglas, Grant, Green Lake, Jackson, La Crosse, Lafayette, Marinette, Monroe, Outagamie and Sauk.

“Brightspeed’s investment in Wisconsin will make a huge difference to residents of our great state who depend on reliable internet to work, learn and live,” said the senator. Julien BradleyR-WI.

The company said that over the next few years it plans to add an additional 80,000 potential customers at more than 150,000 new fiber-equipped locations in Wisconsin.

“Building Wisconsin fiber is part of Brightspeed’s overall plan to invest at least $2 billion in its fiber transformation, which is expected to reach up to 3 million homes and businesses over the next five coming years,” a press release read.

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