Experts denounce US targeting of China in new military strategy reviews

EXPERTS have blasted the US for targeting China in new military strategy reviews.

The National Defense Strategy, Nuclear Posture Review and Missile Defense Review, released Thursday by the Biden administration, identified Russia as an “acute threat to the United States,” but says that she was “absolutely dissuaded from attacking NATO”.

But it is China that is called the main global competitor of the United States.

The defense strategy argues that China is the “most comprehensive and serious national security challenge to the United States” due to its “coercive and increasingly aggressive efforts to reshape the Indo-Pacific region.”

The Nuclear Posture Review says China “probably intends to have at least 1,000 deliverable warheads by the end of the decade.”

Stop the War Coalition co-founder Andrew Murray said: “The US claim it faces a threat from China is untrue. The Pentagon surrounds China with bases and Washington tries to block China’s development, not the other way around.

“This new Cold War rhetoric threatens the future of the world – Britain must disengage from American warmongering.”

Chinese expert and writer Carlos Martinez said, “China has repeatedly demonstrated in word and deed its commitment to peace.

“China has not been at war for 43 years, has not sponsored regime change wars, and does not engage in unilateral sanctions, economic coercion, or long-arm jurisdiction.

“China’s economic rise, its support for a multipolar system based on the principles of the United Nations Charter and its close relations with the countries of the South constitute a threat to a global economic, politico-military system built around the creation of a “friendly climate”. business environment” for the United States and its allies.

Mr. Martinez added: “This system has a name: imperialism.”

China expert Jenny Clegg said, “The American hawks are completely in the driver’s seat: They are determined to once again label China as ‘the aggressor.’

“The Pentagon now has new arms purchasing powers, more US weapons must be sold to Taiwan, US Navy chief calls for preparation for war in Taiwan as early as next year – all of this at a time when the world is hurtling towards a potentially irreversible climate catastrophe.

“China is the only state with permanent nuclear weapons to have a ‘no first use’ policy, which it has maintained for more than half a century.”

Ms Clegg added: ‘It is time for the scales to fall from the eyes of the western general public as to who exactly is threatening whom.

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