Ex-Gippsland police officer to stand trial for misconduct towards women

A former Gippsland police officer will go on trial after allegedly abusing his position of power and acting inappropriately with women seeking help in Victoria.

Simon Gloster appeared at Bairnsdale Magistrates’ Court today for a committal hearing charged with misconduct as a police officer towards six women who showed up at Bairnsdale Police Station in 2019 seeking help .

The former flight sergeant has been charged with six counts of misconduct without reasonable excuse related to the alleged misuse of authority.

The charges relate to allegedly improper threats to arrest a person, requesting intimate photographs, improperly requesting to see intimate tattoos and scars, refusing to remove photographs, inappropriate touching and inappropriate attendance at the home of a plaintiff.

The court heard that, in some cases, Mr. Gloster had taken over investigations involving the wives of other police officers.

“For now [Mr] Gloster takes care of [the women] contact becomes inappropriate,” prosecutor Marcel White said.

“[Mr Gloster] insinuates himself into an investigation, uses the cover of actual police work, and then interrogates them about their body parts.”

Mr Gloster’s defense lawyer, Christopher Wareham, told the magistrate that Mr Gloster should be cleared of all remaining charges.

“While the conduct may be considered inappropriate, it is not so inappropriate as to animate criminal law jurisdiction,” he said.

Mr Gloster has been released on bail and will appear in Melbourne County Court for a direction hearing on December 8.

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