Eagle cop receives ‘rescue award’

Eagle Police Officer Callan Stahl (left) received the Eagle Police Department’s Lifesaving Award from Chief Joey Staufer on Tuesday evening.
Eagle Police Department / Courtesy photo

Eagle Police Officer Callan Stahl received the City of Eagle Police Department’s Rescue Award on Tuesday for his swift response to an alleged overdose at the scene of the Eagle River Center event.

Police Chief Joey Staufer presented the award to Stahl outside Eagle City Council on Tuesday, after reading a statement he wrote about Stahl’s service that day.

“During the evening of September 4, 2021, Vail Dispatch broadcast an urgent medical call regarding a patient at the Eagle River Center event site at Eagle County Fairgrounds who was unconscious, not breathing, and possibly in pain. drug overdose, ”Staufer said, reading a letter he wrote to city council.

Even though the location of the event was just outside of Eagle’s jurisdiction, Stahl “recognized the critical urgency and immediately responded to the location,” Staufer said.

Stahl arrived at the scene within three minutes of receiving the call and immediately got to work, assessing the adolescent patient’s intensive care needs and gathering information from witnesses.

“Officer Stahl did not hesitate to respond to this urgent and critical emergency call,” Staufer said. “He responded to the emergency safely, with urgency, and quickly ran to the patient as he arrived in the parking lot.”

He determined that the patient was probably suffering from a drug overdose and administered Naloxone HCI, an emergency treatment used to “counter the life-threatening effects of an opioid overdose,” Staufer said. Stahl then placed the patient in a “recovery position” with the help of bystanders.

Within seconds, the patient was conscious and receptive.

Health professionals arrived at the scene shortly after and took care of the patient. The first responders worked as a team and ultimately managed to save the patient’s life.

“Agent Stahl’s response, intervention and care allowed the patient to regain the ability to breathe,” Staufer said at the end of his statement. “Constable Stahl hereby receives the Town of Eagle Police Department Rescue Award. “

City council members, city staff and members of the public gave Stahl a standing ovation as Staufer presented him with the award on Tuesday night.

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