Colombia extends to the Sahara the consular jurisdiction of its embassy in Rabat, in a clear recognition of the Moroccan character of the southern provinces

Colombia has decided to extend the consular jurisdiction of its embassy in Rabat to the entire Moroccan territory, including the Sahara.

The decision, announced in a joint statement released Thursday after talks in Rabat between Colombian Vice-President and Colombian Foreign Minister Marta Lucia Ramirez, currently on an official visit to the Kingdom, and her Moroccan counterpart. Nasser Bourita, signifies the recognition by Colombia of the sovereignty of Morocco over its provinces of the Sahara.

The joint statement specifies that Ramirez informed Bourita “of the instructions given to the new Colombian ambassador in Rabat, to extend the consular jurisdiction of the Colombian embassy to the Kingdom of Morocco over the whole of Moroccan territory, including the Sahara” .

According to the joint communiqué, Ramirez underlined, as recognized by various resolutions of the UN Security Council, “the serious efforts made by the Kingdom of Morocco in the search for a pragmatic, realistic and lasting political solution to this dispute, within the framework of the political process carried out under the exclusive auspices of the United Nations ”.

The Colombian official who discussed with her Moroccan counterpart the latest developments in the Sahara issue underlined the “importance” of the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative, as a way “to reach a political, realistic, sustainable solution based on the compromise of all parties, with a view to putting an end to this vital issue for Morocco, within the framework of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The two officials who also discussed the issue of migration stressed that Colombia and Morocco share a common vision of a migration policy that protects the legitimate rights of migrants and guarantees their dignity.

“Colombia and Morocco converge in their vision of a migration policy that protects the legitimate rights of migrants and guarantees their dignity,” said the joint statement, adding that the two parties have come together to say that the migration phenomenon and its impact represent a real challenge for the international community. community.

In this regard, Bourita welcomed, during the fight against the crisis in Venezuela, “the extensive work carried out by Colombia to deal with the humanitarian situation resulting from the large number of Venezuelan migrants arriving in the country”, stressing the importance of Colombia’s adoption of the Protection Statute for Venezuelan migrants and its decision to grant them the temporary protection card.

In addition, Bourita reiterated Morocco’s support for the policy of “Peace within Legality” led by the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque Marquez, and the multiple stabilization actions undertaken by Colombia in the implementation of the agreements of peace.

He praised the efforts of President lván Duque Márquez and his government in the area of ​​peace and legality, as well as the improvement of conditions in the regions of the country and the impact of these measures in terms of stability and perception, the joint statement said.

Bourita also welcomed the decision announced by the Attorney General of the International Criminal Court to close the preliminary case on Colombia.

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