Cleveland Voters Approve New Civilian Police Review Board | Ohio News

CLEVELAND (AP) – Voters in Cleveland, whose police service is already under the control of a federal court, have approved a new Civilian Police Review Board with powers independent of the mayor’s office.

The vote created a community policing commission to oversee the board, which has the power to investigate public complaints against officers and order disciplinary action. reports that the commission will have broad policy-making powers and will operate independently of the mayor’s office.

Supporters say the council approved on Tuesday will hold officers accountable for wrongdoing, while opponents say the system flies in the face of employment contracts and other parts of the Cleveland Charter.

The vote came as Cleveland remains subject to a federal consent decree after the US Department of Justice uncovered a pattern of officers using excessive force and violating people’s civil rights.

In endorsing the advice, Cleveland joins Columbus and a number of communities nationwide who have created similar civilian review boards in recent years as part of the country’s racial injustice calculation.

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