City announces 14 candidates for civilian police oversight board

CHICAGO (WLS) — The City of Chicago has announced its recommendations on who should serve on the Chicago Civil Police Oversight Board.

The Rules Committee task force has recommended 14 candidates to serve on the Interim Community Commission for Public Safety and Police Accountability.

An ordinance passed last summer by the Chicago City Council creates a seven-member civilian oversight board that will recommend candidates for police superintendent and COPA administrator, and has the power to fire the chief of the COPA. It would also make recommendations on police policy. But the mayor of Chicago retains the power to hire and fire the CPD superintendent.

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The 14 nominees named Tuesday night are: Anthony Driver, Andre Thomas, Yvette Loizon, Beth Brown, Bruce Washington, Dr Urusula Ricketts, Clifford Nellis, Emma Lozano, Remel Terry, Isaac Troncoso, Luis Carrizales, Oswaldo Gomez, Mamayan Jabateh and Patrick O ‘Connor.

“These Chicagoans represent the great diversity of our city, share a commitment to improving public safety in our neighborhoods and a willingness to serve on this important commission,” Alderman Harry Osterman said.

Six of the candidates are on the south side, four on the west side and four on the north side. Three candidates are also younger, aged between 18 and 26.

Then the nominees must be reviewed by the full city council and the rules committee will hold a vote to approve them in May.

The interim commission is expected to be in place until the summer of 2023, when a full commission will be created after the district council elections that year.

The fight for civilian oversight began six years ago after the death of Laquan McDonald.

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