Chicago approves creation of new civilian police watch group

Chicago City Council voted 36 to 13 in favor of creating a new Civilian Police Oversight Committee that would empower Chicago residents.

This decision comes in response to renewed calls for police surveillance and a Department of Justice review of the murder of Laquan McDonald.

The ordinance establishes a seven-person commission that will be able to draft the policy of the Chicago Police Department and recommend candidates for the post of police superintendent, members of the police board and the head of the Civil Accountability Office. the police, according to NBC Chicago.

The commission could vote to remove either the chief administrator of the Civilian Police Accountability Office or the police superintendent. In the situation of the chief administrator, about two-thirds of the aldermen have yet to approve the dismissal of the chief administrator. In the situation of the police commissioner, the mayor can reject or accept the commission’s recommendation, the Chicago Tribune reported.

In addition, three-member councils will be established in each of the city’s 22 police districts.

The commission will come into effect on January 1. according to USA Today, The three-member councils will be elected from February 2023.

In a statement Wednesday, the mayor of Chicago Lori LightfootLori Lightfoot2 brothers accused of killing Chicago police officer Has the pandemic brought property rights in the crosshairs? Bass plans to run for re-election amid discussions over LA PLUS mayor’s candidacy said she was “more than happy to give our residents new opportunities to hold accountable those who have sworn to protect and serve them,” according to USA Today.

Fraternal Order of Police chairman John Catanzara had previously voiced opposition to the seven-member board and district councils, calling it an “unnecessary dismissal” and saying it could discourage officers from staying. in the field because they feel less supported by their city, the Chicago Sun-Times noted.

“Another layer of surveillance is just ridiculous. This will only make the cops even more pissed off, because more surveillance means, “You are doing something wrong. You have to be watched because you are not doing something right, ”he said, according to The Sun-Times.

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