Australia’s military provocations against China and accusations of legitimate PLA countermeasures reflect its own anxiety

Two Chinese J-16 fighter jets perform an escort mission for a Chinese H-6K bomber and a Russian Tu-95MS bomber during a regular Sino-Russian joint strategic patrol over the Sea of ​​Japan, the East China Sea and West Pacific on May 24, 2022. Photo: Screen capture from China Central Television

Australia’s Department of Defense said on Sunday that a Royal Australian Air Force P-8 maritime surveillance plane was intercepted by a Chinese J-16 fighter jet during a so-called routine maritime surveillance activity. in the South China Sea on May 26, claiming the interception resulted in a dangerous maneuver that posed a threat to the safety of the P-8 aircraft and its crew. But the truth is that it was the Australian aircraft that first provoked and attempted to enter the areas under China’s sovereign jurisdiction, and the Chinese warplane had no choice but to d to warn the Australian spy plane in order to safeguard China’s sovereign security. Canberra’s absurd logic exposes Australia’s anxiety to eagerly prove its worth to the United States, as well as the pressure Australia is feeling from China’s win-win cooperation with South Pacific countries.

In February, when a flotilla of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy was conducting exercises on the high seas and sailing in international waters north of Australia, an Australian P-8 aircraft flew very near the Chinese ships and dropped sonobuoys near them. , while Chinese ships maintained safe, standard and professional actions. It was also Australia that jumped first and accused the PLA flotilla of pointing a laser at its plane, without disclosing how close the plane was to Chinese ships, how close it was provocative to drop sonobuoys near them, or how the plane could disrupt normal. navigation and pose safety risks.

It has become clear that Australia is using a model to promote the “Chinese military threat” theory, and a similar scenario will play out again and again: Australia will first send its planes or ships to provoke a Chinese military aircraft or ship, and then when China will take countermeasures. , Australia will accuse China’s countermeasures of being threats, without giving the context that they are meant to be countermeasures and Australia is the one who made the dangerous decision first.

Australia is thousands of miles from China and has no territorial disputes with China. Economic cooperation between the two countries could benefit both. China does not see Australia as a threat, and it surely never intended to be a threat to Australia.

Since the United States began to see China as its main rival and decided to contain China’s development, other members of the Five Eyes alliances, including Australia, began to follow its lead. After joining the AUKUS alliance, further serving as the vanguard of the United States to confront China militarily, Australia has stepped up its military moves against China in a bid to prove its worth to the United States. This includes the development of nuclear-powered attack submarines, increased defense spending, and the construction of a large submarine base that can also house American and British submarines, in addition to the unreasonable defamation and two-tier PLA countermeasures, although Canberra was the one who triggered them.

Australia is now anxious and nervous. Not only does Australia want to please the United States, but its repeated political, economic and military provocations against China over the past few years have backfired and now haunts it to the depths of its guilty conscience: China is now stepping up its efforts to strengthen cooperation with countries. in the South Pacific.

Cooperation between China and Pacific island countries is aimed at the mutual benefits and development of all parties involved. It’s not aimed at Australia, but Australia certainly sees it that way, and that’s why Australia is doing everything it can to defame China, trying to portray China as a threat to the community. international.

It is expected that Australia may further expand its provocations and false accusations against China. In addition to inventing new charges under the recent model, Australia could send more planes and ships to the South China Sea for so-called freedom of navigation and territorial waters and space intrusion operations. Chinese airline. It could also interfere with the Taiwan question by participating in exercises conducted by countries like the United States and Japan, sending warships across the Taiwan Strait, carrying out military exchanges with armed forces on the island of Taiwan or sell weapons to the island, as a result of what the United States has done.

Australia needs to understand that China’s overall national strength is much greater than Australia’s, not to mention the huge gap between the military strength of the two countries. Australia dares to provoke China in this way only because of its master, the United States. But at the end of the day, Australia is not the United States. The PLA is taking resolute action even against US military provocations, and Australia should expect nothing less. If Australia continues to test China’s results, it should prepare to see stronger countermeasures from China than tactical moves like intercepting planes with flares and chaff or laser pointing with rangefinders.

The author is a journalist at the Global Times. [email protected]

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