Armistice Day observed in tribute to the sacrifice of civilians and military

The French consulate led the celebration of Armistice Day on Friday with ceremonies in Pondicherry and Karaikal to mark the end of World War I in 1918.

The Consul General of France, Lise Talbot Barre, laid a wreath at the Monument aux Morts, (French War Memorial) on Avenue Goubert in tribute to the sacrifice of civilians and soldiers Morts pour la France (Those who sacrificed their lives for France) through the ages and in the various theaters of operations around the world, in the presence of representatives of the State, veterans and representatives of the French community.

A similar tribute took place at the Karaikal War Memorial, led by Consular Representative Designate Chantal Samuel David, Chair of the Consular Council. She was accompanied by Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Richard, Warrant Officer Cyrille Laurain, representatives of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces. The gathering went to the Notre-Dame church for a mass in memory.

Later, during a reception at the Alliance Française, the Consul General awarded a distinction to Dayal Denadadayalou, member of the National Federation of Veterans residing outside France (FACS), in recognition of his services rendered to the nation .

According to a press note from the consulate, for the approximately 6,000 French nationals under its jurisdiction, whether they are long-term residents in India or short-term expatriates working for one of the 200 French companies that make up the consular district, The celebration was an expected and unifying event.

Indeed, for France, the commemoration of the 1918 Armistice does not only celebrate the end of hostilities, but the reconciliation between the former belligerents united around the values ​​of democracy. In the 21st century, military aggression should not and cannot be allowed to oppose the principles of democracy and freedom that guide peoples. On the strength of this same fundamental conviction, France and India have naturally been engaged for many years in a strategic partnership to prevent this armed danger and jointly guarantee to the world the sovereignty of the values ​​of peace, exchange and dialogue, indicates the press note.

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