Anger in Turkey over the game-changing Greco-French military alliance: “An empty dream”

Spokesperson for the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Tanju Bilgiç, described with frustration Turkey’s anger towards the geopolitically changing Greco-French military alliance.

“The maximalist claims of Greece’s maritime jurisdiction and airspace are contrary to international law,” he said, without referring as usual to the specific law that Greece had violated.

“It is an empty dream to think that Greece can make us accept these demands, which are also questioned by the international community, by forming bilateral military alliances against Turkey, in a way that will harm the Alliance. NATO, ”he said.

It is recalled that Turkey is in the process of acquiring a second S-400 missile defense system from Russia, to complaints from NATO and threats of further sanctions from the United States

“Futile efforts will further increase our resolve to protect both our own rights and the rights of [occupied Northern Cyprus] in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean ”, continued Bilgiç.

“The policy of arming Greece instead of Turkey’s cooperation, isolation and alienation will essentially harm itself and the EU, of which it is a member,” he said. said, adding: “This is a problematic policy that threatens regional peace and stability.”

Earlier this week, Greece and France signed a defense deal in Paris.

The agreement provides for immediate military assistance from France to Greece and vice versa in the event of an attack by a third country, even if this country is part of other alliances (such as Turkey, which is also a member of NATO. ).

At the same time, Greece will receive in record time 3 + 1 Belhara frigates with full air defense and anti-submarine warfare equipment and capabilities to shoot down air targets at very long range.

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