Akron City Council Puts Civilian Police Review Board Measure to Ballot | The sound of ideas

Akron City Council held a special meeting yesterday to approve an ordinance to place a question on the November ballot creating a civilian police review board. If approved by voters, the measure would create a 9-member council that would advise on policing matters, including training and misconduct investigations. The push for the measure came after the police shooting death in June of Jayland Walker, an unarmed black man.

Cleveland police are investigating after a Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority officer fatally shot and killed a man on Labor Day morning. Body camera footage taken by the officer shows he fired his gun after he was attacked and punched by a man on West 174th Street near Riverside Park. Footage shows the officer first tried to use his taser to subdue the man.

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority will use Transit Ambassadors to assist riders and deal with situations that do not require armed police. Transit Ambassadors will be on Healthline buses and at RTA stations. They will help users navigate the transit system and will be called upon to defuse non-criminal situations that may arise on RTA vehicles.

With about two months to go until November’s general election, the last few weeks will be tough times for candidates. In Ohio, the headline midterm races will be for Governor and United States Senate and former President Trump weighs in on both races. Trump has announced he will hold a rally in Youngstown next week in support of Republican JD Vance. He also backed Mike DeWine in the gubernatorial race, which he didn’t do until the May primary.

Cedar Point says it’s the end of the line for Top Thrill Dragster. The ride was billed as the tallest and fastest in the world when it debuted 19 years ago. But the ride hasn’t been open since last August when a support fell off the ride and seriously injured a rider. The park says the coaster will be retired and a new, reimagined ride will be created to replace it.

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