A policeman’s reckless disregard for life

We remain perplexed and wonder how much a police officer must have a strong sense of impunity in order to be able to take control of a heavy vehicle and pass through a crowd, resulting in fatal injuries. This is what Assistant Deputy Inspector (ASI) Emdadul Haque did last Thursday in the capital Gulistan. Reportedly, ASI Haque took the driver out of an empty bus – after the latter had an altercation with another plainclothes policeman – saying he was being arrested and would be taken away. at the Paltan police station. Although the DC of Motijheel’s DMP Division claimed that the driver and driver fled and the UPS was forced to pull the bus away from traffic, witnesses said otherwise. Once Haque took control of the vehicle, he swerved violently, rushing into a crowd, and finally drove into the rail of a trail. His reckless maneuver killed two people, injured three and damaged several motorcycles and rickshaws.

It should be noted that the area in which the incident occurred did not fall under the jurisdiction of the Paltan police station, and that ASI Haque had not informed the DMP Wari division concerned before seizing the bus. Importantly, the ASI was not even supposed to take control of the vehicle, even if it had been ditched, as Motijheel DC claims. Several traffic police officers confirmed that he should have called a tow truck and moved the bus to a safer location. Although ASI was remanded in custody for two days on Friday, we do not yet know what his plan was when he entered the crowd. What is clear, however, is the immense sense of power that our law enforcement agencies must feel, regardless of the consequences of their actions.

While this may seem like a one-time event, we believe it is just another demonstration of the callous and, frankly, reckless attitude of some law enforcement personnel. We urge the authorities to investigate this incident. It is also crucial to put an end to the culture of impunity that our law enforcement agencies generally enjoy. Otherwise, we risk becoming a country where citizens must fear law enforcement rather than look to them for protection.

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