A former Charlottetown police officer broke the code of conduct

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI — An investigation determined that a Charlottetown police officer violated the code of conduct while handling a case.

The filing, which was summarized on the Prince Edward Island Police Commissioner’s website, says the events under investigation began when a person contacted police. of Charlottetown to report that she had “admitted a drug at a local bar without her knowledge.

The person said the officer “used language that humiliated them” and then failed to investigate the incident.

Police Commissioner Cindy Wedge could not confirm when the incident happened in case the victim is identified, but she told SaltWire the complaint was filed within 12 months of the incident, according to to the legislation and that this was not a historic case of drink tampering.

“It came to our office as a code of conduct complaint,” Wedge said in an interview with SaltWire Network on May 24.

Complaints can follow one of two streams once they reach the police commissioner, she said – criminal offenses or code of conduct breaches.

Complaints about the Code of Conduct are handled internally, so the complaint was escalated to the Charlottetown Police Chief and then investigated by Professional Standards Officer Sgt. . Chris Watts.

SaltWire Network left Watts two phone messages on May 24 but received no timely response.

“In this case, the report indicates that there is clear and compelling evidence to support the allegation of misconduct,” Wedge said.

However, the officer involved resigned before the investigation was completed and the police department no longer has the power to discipline the officer under the Police Act, the website said.

The department informed the person and issued a written apology, Wedge said.

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