A Chicago police officer appears to beat the man in a widely shared video; COPA investigation

A video circulating on social media has been investigated that appears to show a Chicago police officer arguing with a man and repeatedly throwing punches at a passerby who attempted to intervene.

In the video, shot over the clash, a group of around five or six men are seen standing on the sidewalk facing several police officers.

Words are exchanged between the group and the police. At one point, a man in a white shirt pushes a man in a blue shirt. The two appear to have a brief argument and bicker as they walk away from the officers.

Then their attention turns to the officers in front of them. The man in the white shirt appears to be yelling at one of the policemen, who is approaching. Not all of their words are clear, but as an officer and the man in the white shirt begin to focus on each other, the man in the white shirt appears to challenge the cop, suggesting that the cop won’t do. nothing.

Looks like the policeman is saying, “Oh, really? “

He charges towards the man in white. But the man in the blue shirt holds back the man in the white shirt and stands between him and the policeman. It looks like in the video he is trying to stem the conflict and keep the two men from fighting.

Instead, as the officer pushes towards the man in white, he and the man in blue collide, appearing to be pushing each other. Then the policeman started punching, punching the man in blue – who had tried to intervene – several times in the face, according to the video.

The Police Civil Accountability Office, or COPA, has since opened an investigation into the video, according to public affairs director Jennifer Rottner.

“There is an initial journal number,” Rottner said. “We will review the incident and determine its jurisdiction, but it is simply too early to do so. The video was just sent to us, I believe, last night.

The investigation was first initiated by the Chicago Police Department because no complainant submitted the video. It was posted online on the Instagram account of “Chicago Media Takeout,” an urban media outlet. The caption of the video indicates that it was “sent to us by a subscriber”. It was not immediately clear who owned the rights to the video.

Neither Rottner nor CPD spokesman Don Terry were able to provide more details about the video, including the time or location of the video, claiming it was the subject of the video. investigation.

“This is being investigated internally,” Terry said, hinting that anything that was not evident in the video was part of the investigation and would not be disclosed immediately.

Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas of the Chicago Tribune contributed.

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